Heart Machine


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Heart Machine is a hard-hitting debut album for Canadian born/California based singer/songwriter Lila Rose. Showcasing a wide sonic pallet, the album bends the genres of indie-pop, electronica, trip-hop and alternative rock. The range of sound is what makes the album a sure winner for just about any listener.
Co-produced by David Earl (aka SFlogicninja), the album has been labeled “cinematic indie-pop” based on the merging of Davids’ grandiose cinematic arrangement, and Lila’s anthemic, emotionally driven lyrical content, and striking vocals.

From high operatic vocalization, strong hooky chorus’, to passionate haunting harmonies, Lilas’ voice takes you on a brilliant journey with its varying tone, texture, and intensity. Besides lyrics that dig straight into the heart with their raw, honest, evocative content, each song also promises to unfurl into an ending filled with hope and inspiration, leaving the listener with goose bumps.

From full orchestras, taiko drum ensembles, gospel choirs, big pop beats, to simple acoustic guitar, this album will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what could possibly come next.

One thing is certain though- you are promised to fall in love with the quirky, heartful artist by the end of the album. In songwriting, voice, and personality, she is a true one-of-a-kind star on the rise, with cutting edge artistry ready to push the envelope at every turn.


released January 10, 2012

All vocals, lyrics and guitar by Lila Rose
(except co-writes where noted)
All songs produced by David Earl and Lila Rose
except Like Champagne produced by Derek Dixie
All songs mixed by David Earl
Additional programming/composition by David Earl
Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis (UK)
Vocals recorded at Ghost Cat studios (San Francisco)

-And also-
Obsession: Abai Vernon (instr. composition), ShinDo aka Vader (add’l guitar)
Casting Shadows: Eric Denniston (vocals/lyrics), Garrett Warner (original instr. composition)
Heart Machine: Lynx (vocals/lyrics/add’l composition/toms/guitar), Lila (guitar/sticks)
Unbroken: ShinDo aka Vader (add’l guitar), Kyrstyn Pixton (backing vocals/keys) Choir singers: Paris- Michael Page (Spiritualthug), Luther-Micheal Spratt, Kenneth Kozi Arrington
Lost Your Senses: Gimme_ (original instr. composition)
Bang Bang: Abai Vernon (instr. composition)
In The Dimmest: Kyrstyn Pixton (instr. composition/add’l lyrics)
And The Beat: Kyrstyn Pixton (original instr. composition/keys)



all rights reserved


ANML Oakland, California

Armed with a distinctive voice and a compassionate understanding of the world around her, Canadian born, California based singer/songwriter/producer Lila Rose, writes songs whose sweeping musical vision and aesthetic beauty is matched only by the depth of her poetry. She has been compared to the sounds of Florence & the Machine, Radiohead, and Bjork, and has been coined as "cinematic indierock". ... more

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Track Name: Obsession
Found myself another one, one to adore
And I found you
Haven’t you haven’t you haven’t you
Noticed me, standing here waiting for
For your next your next move
I would do most anything anything anything
To keep you keep this alive

I miss you I’m scared to say
Scared to say that I miss you
You’re my new obsession

How much time has passed me by
With me just up and
Giving you giving you giving you
So much of me
I have this tendency
Seek outside the one who lives
Who lives so much inside of me
Inside of me inside of me
So much easier
To long for you to for escape


You’re just another
Distraction, Obsession, distraction, obsession, distraction

Cause oh when I think of you troubles subdue
But oh don’t you go and make it personal
Cause you could be just anyone you just happened to be
The one who showed up in a place where I’m ready
For the next

Track Name: Heart Machine (feat. Lynx)
Oh you’re full of suprises
You show me you showed me again
I I made my mind up but now questions I question
Well you you made your way into my core
The core that I backed up
With roses and tears
Of the last one who made it
So leave it just leave it

Cause I’m built like machine
And I’ve come to take you and your heart
I will take it if you don’t give it so freely
So lets, lets make this easy
Just gimme now gimme just gimme your heart

O I think that I’ve got it
Got it all figured figured out all the time
But you somehow you showed me
That I can’t be can’t be right all the time
When you you turn your back
I want more much more than before
Not like when it ‘s easy it just can’t be
I need I need a good fight a fight to be


So what are you afraid of girl
Know what what you’re missing out on
Cause I’m I’m one in a million girl
And you could have won
But this machine is breaking down

Track Name: Like Champagne
Sure this could be hard but
But I chose
And see this could be heart and
Heart I chose
You’ve fallen down
And you’ve fallen hard
So take my hand and
I'll breathe for you

It’s huge can you feel me one of a kind
Nothing now can hold back this rarity find
Blow the dust off reveal the beneath
With all that aside now let sanity speak
Like champagne I’d drink you sip you away
Like all things she’d slip in and float off away

Sure it could look easy
But I tried
I took hold of that thunder
And I died
It’s better off though we may not
Have made it through
Well it’s something huge


How could we know it
So far in we lost in it
So hard we say hard hard to get of it
But I chose the chose the other way of it
The one that opens here

They see who are, lonesome gatherer
Bare now loosen grip, blindfolded she fit

But you're more than that more than that
(now let me believe in it)
You're found in that found In that
(can’t you help me find the way)
You’re free in there free in there
(your soul’s in there)

Track Name: Casting Shadows (feat. Eric Denniston)
Come now settle in
(I’ve been waiting for this)
How has all this been
(Unlike the way we fell in)
If only there was time
(I would be just fine)
We could dim the night
(And maybe I could hide)
Hide hide hide

Casting shadows in the dark
Find a way to heal the stark
There’s no need to revive
I couldn’t burn myself alive
(Unbelievably cold right now
Even if I tried
I couldn’t burn myself alive)

Watch me grow within
(You’re doing beautiful)
How has all this been
(Not in the least bit simple)
Can’t we break this spell
(Ofcourse it’s up to you)
Try and shed this doubt
(Lets go now find our out)
Out out out


Cast the shadow in the dark
There’s no way to trap to lark
See its wings expand the grave
So pierce this shadows with what’s brave

Track Name: Lost Your Senses
You you I see you’re hurting
Flirting with the brink
Sunk I think think you’re sinking
More now than I was thinking
Told it’s been sold to millions
While we well we’re all sinking too
Some of us we keep it more together
But how my love I cannot really prove

Are you serious that it could come to this?
Cmon’ drop your guard
Seems that you’ve lost your senses
And I didn’t know just how far
It’s a breakthrough is what you
You said but it looks to me
To me like you lost your senses
And you’re going fucking crazy

What what is it you’re seeking
A savior with the key
Block then unlock the remainders
Untangle your history
But all at once the answers gather
Too much so much for one to bare
So now you’re waking and the bridges
From this world to beyond have disappeared


It’s a spiritual moment
Seems that she’s chosen
Or maybe just broken
Guess both will be spoken
If only she’d see how I’d love her to learn how
To ask for my shoulder if only to hold her

Track Name: Unbroken
Three steps forward one now back
I’ll meet you where we made that sacred pact
To stand up and be brave
Show up serve the souls to save
Hear them in the melodies
Lead us to the haunted breeze
Tantalizing we become
Slowly deform we succumb

We’re fallen angels we’re fallen angels
Here to pick up the parts

Just close enough to make it through
But not quite enough to fully understand you
Once in a while I spot it in eyes
Glimmer of knowing like you too fell from the skies
Sometimes the longing digs in hard
But not fully sure of the reasons that jar
Look to heavens to escape
Remind us of the timely fate


Broken feather falls to ground
Confused mother wails her sound
Fallen only means
To rise up stronger and mend the seams
Jump aboard the ship and sea
The way the ocean crashes we
Hold on to the solid parts
Until shoreline calms our depart

Track Name: Give You My All
I want to show up with the very best for you
That means I’m held responsible to bust on through
Walls are held up tight by ropes
That have been woven long ago
And now I’m faced with this new chapter
And it speaks to me in rather
A tongue of fear but a glimpse of hope
It shows me (that)

I’m filled with love
And I want to
I want to love you
But I’m afraid to
But I still want to
If you let me if you let me
Cause I would give you my all

But with my all comes that damn tragedy
The one that shuts me down and slowly sanity
It escapes me and I am left here feeling hungry
For the meaning of why I cant just be good all the time
Welcome to me I’m not perfect but I’m trying
To be better and to be there (cause)


I’ll warn you now that it might be confusing
It feels even so to myself like I am choosing
Between wanting you closer than ever before
Then pushing you farther and craving you more
Tell them I’m sorry and I’d regret it if
I believed in such things it’ll just be my gift
To them and myself to grow from the past
Know what were done with I can learn fast
Hold up the gate quick before it shuts closed
Don’t let me run now the truth exposed
Although I want to run away no
Please don’t let me run away (chorus)

Track Name: Get Gone Again
If its not one thing then it’s the other thing, you sensitive being
If you’re not hungry well then you’re thirsty, or just you’re lazy
What does it take to keep you happy to keep you smiling
Once in a while it’s okay to fall down
But it’s time to brush up and see just how you can
So get up again, just stand up again

Oh oh oh oh no
Who let you who let you who let you in again
Oh oh oh oh no
I let you I let you I let you in again

Hid keys ‘neath boulder, double bolted door locked
What more could I have done to ensure?
Hold the tears back, atleast pretend to be strong
They’ll never know less you tell
One step closer, this time feels like breaking point
My limits been checked
You’re so damn lucky if only you’d see
Now embody it don’t pretend this could be me
So get up again now wake up again

Oh oh oh oh no
Who let you who let you who let you in again
Oh oh oh oh no
I let you I let you I let you in again

I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid…
When you found your way
Slipped inside turned the world on grey
Who let you in on that first day
Cause Now there’s dark lines round eyes its funny at times
How we could trudge through when life is just fine
Maybe it’s just that we’re sad sad to the bones
Bones bones bones
These bones

Oh oh oh oh no
Who let you who let you who let you in again
Oh oh oh oh no
I let you I let you I let you WIN again

Ladida I’m not afraid of you (repeat)
Track Name: Bang Bang
(She’s beautiful she’s beautiful she’s beautiful)

Teeter teeter when you wake up from that fall
How we how we let you crash and find that wall
Till we find a way to explain (so explain)
Helpless we await the story to unveil
What tipped took you cross the last and final rail
Dreams will be the only way to tell (so please tell)
Why you

Bang bang you’re sayin, so hang hang your nail in
Fine fine you’re done and you can’t bear to have this out
Run run you’re out of, hope hope it will be
Next time you will make it up and out of here

See you saw you just the very day before
Nothing no one could have known just how much more
Aching for a one more last chance (last chance)
Coulda woulda if I knew how much you grew
Weary weary it all fades so dark a blue
When there’s not a savior in sight (she lost sight)
Why you


You gave us life, you gave us the reason
You showed us the meaning
To work through, and bust through the hard times and get to
Back to the good stuff , back to the start
Back to the time when it rolled off our backs
Before innocence scarred


She’s beautiful she’s beautiful she’s beautiful
Track Name: In The Dimmest
Shattered to pieces gotta build them right back up
If you had the chance how would you choose to make that look
Cause you’re left in shambles
And hunting for answers
Answers answers

In the dimmest of lights there must be a reason
Turn on the rest so you can then see on
On past the rubble if starting then stumble
Crawling to walking turns standing then running
It must be that a next thing is surely coming
Oh it must be that a next thing is surely coming

Standing here naked will hold me while I do
Go down in further let it take me and imbue
If drowning is metaphor
You stand firm upon the shore
Upon the shore upon the shore


There’s a home holding you up
There’s a way out of the down
There’s a new way to found found
See the way they fit together
Same old pieces brand new fit
Castle fell rebuilds into it
There’s a home holding you up
There’s a way out of the down
There’s a new way to found found
See the way they fit together
Brand new pieces they still fit
Think I’m finally breaking through it
Through it through it

Track Name: Couldn't Have
Well oh lord was it hard at first
I hadn’t hurt quite like that before
Funny thing is I warned you
I told you right from the start
That I I I was a heart breaker
Oh no look here what happened
I got a lil taste that pain
And now I’m licking my wounds and saying

Couldn’t have done this with you
You thought id say without
I guess it’s time that I thanked you
For breaking my (breath) heart

Well when the ache finally started to fade
I Felt like I was falling awake
To a whole new world I had seen
But really only in my day dreams
Well you you you changed my plans when
Oh yes you cut me loose and
I got a lil taste of this free
And now I’m loving it more without we


Well oh sure I still miss you
Most unfortunately that is true
And it sure didn’t feel so good baby
Making it through that one finally
But maybe all this pain has made me
Seems like maybe all this pain has saved me

Track Name: And The Beat
How could a love so strong be
Without a face to ever see
Something you never really touch
But something which surely must
She speaks no language speaks in tongues
No one would know just where she from
She came and found a place to next
No way to pin her down unless

And the beat it lives in me in me
And the beat it lives in me in me

She solves the riddle yet untold
Scramble words into stories wove
No one is there but her to ease
Lead the lost into sounds that freeze
Through worlds take us in far beneath
Take hold and find her spear to speak
She slips in skin and then beyond
Break silence longing to respond


It’s the love of my love of my life