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Confessions is the first single off of the new coming album, WE.ANIMALS. to be released early fall, 2015.
For the music video, please visit us here: ***

This song is a delicate appetizer to the deep and edgy sounds to the coming album. It is one of the "softer" songs, introducing us delicately into the conceptual world of WE.ANIMALS. in which we visit different perspectives of the state of our world, and the interconnectedness of all of life on Earth. As we are all, animals.
This song is a call to action. Lovingly. Prodding us to take a look... what we have done, what we can do, to clean this mess up.
Oh, and if nothing else... maybe it's just a nice down tempo song for your sonic enjoyment!

We really hope you enjoy. It's come deep from our hearts, and from the love of our shared home, this planet.


I’m calling, know you hear me
So I’m pleading, please forgive me
Cause there’s something, I’ve been aching
To confess
All of this mess is

All all all all all all all
It’s all of Ours

I’m just one, but I’m trying
And I’m needing, your good hand
So please show me, the way back to
To remind them
All of this mess is

All all all all all all all
It’s all ours

Too late some say, but I say never
Easy escape, won’t work
This time
What did you expect, who did you think
Who to blame who to frame
When this all this mess is

All all all all all all all

It’s all of ours
It’s all of ours
It’s all of ours


released October 28, 2014
Produced by Daniel Garcia and Lila Rose.
All instrumentation by: Daniel Garcia
Backing vocals by: Emily Moldy and Christopher Worth
Additional instrumentals, vocals & lyrics: Lila Rose

Mixed by: Adam Muñoz at Fantasy Studios
Mastered by: Ken Lee

Recorded and written at Nubias mountain top studios in Santa Cruz, and The Rose studios, Oakland.




ANML Oakland, California

Armed with a distinctive voice and a compassionate understanding of the world around her, Canadian born, California based singer/songwriter/producer Lila Rose, writes songs whose sweeping musical vision and aesthetic beauty is matched only by the depth of her poetry. She has been compared to the sounds of Florence & the Machine, Radiohead, and Bjork, and has been coined as "cinematic indierock". ... more

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